Inbound Marketing: New frontier in marketing businesses.

02 Mar 2018 Sharad Koche

Sam said "You know there is nothing that I am not doing, to get more consumers to buy my products."

"Well have you tried to search why are they not attracted to buy your products?"

"Have you tried creating engaging content and providing solutions rather than showing problems?" Replied Mark.

This is a typical conversation between any entrepreneur who has a great product but has no idea about the concept of inbound marketing.

Many people who are good at creating great innovations and inventions need to amplify the necessity that made them create the product.

For they are not alone who face that necessity, but there are millions who face such necessities and to offer the solution, you need to spread the message that will fullfil the necessity.The way to convey such messages is in corporated in inbound marketing strategy.

There are many examples in history that convey the above message strongly, take an example of any great invention that was invented around the time when there was a need for a solution and you will find that it was only successful as it reached to the masses and satisfied their ardent need.

Today Inbound Marketing plays a vital role in assisting you to answer the above question.

There are millions of people online searching to fulfill their needs all you need is to present a solution to that needs in structured and simplified way.

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The way to interact and provide solutions to these people is not to shout out of breath but to invite these people to interact with you online and offline.

So are you offering a solution to the specific need of a consumer that can be magnified and amplified?

Having sound knowledge of social media platforms and website search engine optimization is a task completed fifty percent.

Creating beautiful and engaging content is another thirty percent task completed.

The last twenty percent is where you need to work on strenuously. Creating a good feedback and feedforward cycle is a task in itself. Actively searching and researching the keywords for search portals and then to creating backlinks is a part of inbound marketing strategy.

The most important point to stress is through the medium and the way the solutions are provided.It does not matter if you are not very well versed in social media or do not hold a degree in marketing. What matters the most is the way you need to provide the solutions and information about your products to pull the consumers towards you and your BRAND.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the medium through which you can increase the inbound traffic and get the consumers to spend time on your website or portal, if you are having an e-commerce site then the the SEO is must. The initial web audit is what you required to do, to understand how and why your website is ranked the way it is ranked in google or any other search portal.

Organize and structure your contect at these search portals. Create backlinks and do some keyword research. Know your consumer to target the psychographic and demographic segments in the market.

Even having a simple page in social media site helps, just optimize it with standards or as directed by the particular social media AI.

What is content if not presented beautifully? The Answer: its just whole lot of "blah,blah,blah,blah". To attract the traffic on social media creating and designing a beautiful infographic that not only shares the information about the product but also presents it in a way that people understand and get engaged with the content.

The greater part is to know who is your consumer? keeping doing research and taking feedbacks as no businesses can satisfy every consumer but it surely can satisfy all the needs of single consumer.

Inbound Marketing: New frontier in marketing businesses.
The ways through which you can do Inbound Marketing

The war cry of inbound marketing is

'Get Found, Get Engaged, Get Results'

. Are you engaging online or offline with your consumers? Ask yourself what I do when I sell the product or service? Do you even have a sound CRM (Customer Relationship Managment) system in place? The reason you need to work on all this is to keep up with changing needs and wants of your consumer.

Do you have an inbound marketing strategy in place? Are you working on various models of inbound marketing?

There are many questions that will arise when you introspect. Not only it is critical to have an inbound marketing strategy but also you need a better inbound marketing program.

Inbound Marketing is changing the way today businesses are implementing their sales strategy, more delightful the customer the more sales achieved by the businesses. The consumer delight in experiencing your product through all his sensory receptors is inbound marketing. Not only digital but physical and conventional branding and brand messages are important when converting a web searcher into customer.

Paying attention to changing trends in both the inbound marketing trends and to consumer needs and feeds, is a task of walking a tightrope.

Inbound Marketing is a subject so vast that it will be impossible to explain it in a single web document.

Hence we shall keep you updated regularly on the inbound marketing and how it can help you achieve sales targets.

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