Video Marketing: Changing the way businesses connect with the potential customers.

28 Feb 2018 Sharad Koche

Videos are as old a medium of communication as the invention of filmography. Videos are instrumental in informing and entertaining us in decades if not centuries. They are in variety of forms, films, adfilms, telecasts, newscasts, documentries and much more.

Soon, the makers of videos realized its potential to communicate a strong brand message.

Commercial availibility of TV sets and the deregulation of media created a prime time audience that was a segment in itself.

This segment came in to being as a result of technological revolution, from Radio's to TV's. Many brands that we know today and are so accustomed to in our daily lives, these brands became synonymous with the product that they marketed.

Videos not only informed but entertained, the visiual story took place of the imagination and this was just the beginning.

Imagine any of the movies, ads for news casts that were reported or narrated on radio or any other non-visiual medium, the content would have lost it's impact. Today news of the world is at your fingertips and you can browse through plethora of movies both entertaining and informative. Imagination is very deep but its without form and ends. There is no start or stop points no cliffhangers no break points no intervals.

Today you can easily share the product and service offering through video channels like youtube or vimeo that are moderately regulated and are a great medium to keep your consumers and customers informed.

Video Marketing; Changing the way
businesses connect with the potential customers.

Marketing Live

Marketing Live, today at any given point of time there are millions of internet users online, on social and other media that we live marketing offers a great potential.Whether that be on social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIN or any others a large viewership is guaranteed. With targeted marketing tools offered by these social media channels you can reach and target a particular psychographic or demographic segments.

One of the advantages of live marketing is that is immediatly connects you to the desired segement you are connecting, establishes a quick bond between consumers and brand thus instrumental in creating brand following and loyalty.

The Youtube

Youtube in the recents years has become synonymous to video sharing, people use it as a verb. Any person interested in getting information, uses youtube more than any video sharing channel. The best way to possibly use the youtube to market your brand is to creating an youtube video channel for solving those unsatisfied wants and needs. A variety of content can be placed in youtube channel just it has to be consistent with the channel name and philosophy. Just maket sure that you are having a preplanned way of uploading your videos. Many new users make a mistake by not creating a strategy. The Best marketing stratedy on youtube can be,'Awareness', 'Introduction', 'Positioning', 'Informing', 'Delivering'. A planned video casts starting with audience that are not aware about the need, then introducing the need, followed with positioning of the product, later informing the uses and advantages and delivering the results consistently.

More on marketing in coming blog posts so stay tuned.

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