Photography: Still and Shots

05 Nov 2017 Sharad Koche

Photography: Still and Shots


Behind every viewfinder is a person with a vision, a vision to explore and see the subtle things that most of the human eyes miss. Perhaps, the most important part of photography, though very subjective in nature is what one sees and feels. Photographers around the world, know one thing for sure that there is more to photography than what meets the eye.

Endeavour Marketing, does not boast of having a wide reach and scale when it comes to photography, Endeavour Marketing is launching its own version of Stills and Shots, where we not only work on Stills for ADs but also on commercial videos.

A Still is photography is the place we can visit anytime. or the amazing feelings that are aroused when you look at one of the stills or the fond memories that flood your brain with a beautiful still taken with family and friends.

Photography is the only language that can be understood all over the world.

-Bruno Barbey

The ABC of Photography

Rather ASI(Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO), the basics of photography start with ASI, the beginners that are new to photography can start with an entry-level Digital SLR camera. The ASI is the first thing you have to consider when it comes to learning the photography. The nomenclature or terminology may vary a little according to the brand of camera you choose but the basics are more or less the same. When you are beginner you have to consider three things for a decent image. Exposure, Movement and Sharpness. The ASI controls the same. While the Aperture controls the light exposure to the sensors and lenses, the shutter speed is more related to movement. a low shutter speed might give you a blurry image, there are techniques on how to use low shutter speed with high aperture to get that movement in an image for example tail light images on high is considered a shot with low shutter speed and high aperture as the light of the surrounding is low you widen the aperture.

Aperture is also related to depth in the image when at times you would want to focus a single subject out of crowd or surrounding, low aperture settings are recommended. The larger the aperture the larger is your depth of field.



While most of the entry level cameras are not that advance to handle an iso above 2000, but it is better to have a grainy photo than not having any. ISO is mostly concerned with your sharpness of the image. the less the iso the sharper is your image. ISO itself is not the determining factor when it comes to taking awesome shots. ISO combined with ample shutter speed can give you an amazing Shot. While ISO with aperture and shutter speed is responsible for great portraits.

Shutter Speed

As the name suggests, as the name suggests, the shutter speed is related to the speed of opening and closing of shutter thus exposing sensors to the light. The low shutter speed does not allow ample light to fall on the sensors hence the light movement of the camera of the subject is focus can give you a blurry image. Although for beginners who are new to photography a tripod is recommended when you are working with low shutter speed even though you are going for portraits.

Increasing Shutter Speed depends on the subject and the genre of photography you are working on, for example in wildlife and action photography the subject in focus is in continuous movement. At such times, a high shutter speed can give you a good raw image.


Raw Image and Image processing

Beginners are recommended to go for images that are raw.There is a great advantage when you choose to save an image as raw so that later you can tweak your image in terms of white balance and other minor details. Although other formats are there like jpeg, with sizes from small to large. Probably the best image type for the beginners can be large plus raw. Such type does require the memory card to have a large memory. So it is recommended to go for a memory card that offers big storage greater than 32 GB will do for the beginners.

One of the key factors in photography is post-processing of image. There are many software that can do magic, but as a beginner, you can start with Adobe Photoshop or Corel Photostudio. Both have many advantages and can be used as the situation demands. It is recommended to go with photoshop as it offers a large set of image alteration tools.


Endeavour Marketing Stills and Commercial videos

We at Endeavour Marketing, custom create commercial videos, which not only has great sequence but also a catchy storyboard. The commercials are only effective with digital campaigning by the side as you target your customer both in the digital and conventional segment. Other than commercial videos and stills, Endeavour Marketing Offers Wedding photography and event photography on the side. Probably the best service in stock is the whiteboard animation, with animation you can really cut down your budget on commercial videos. Where you don't really need to pay for high-cost models. Commercials endorsed by celebrities do offer the advantage when it comes to trusting a source to buy a product or service.

We shall be back with more on photography and how it affects the marketing with new upcoming trends and equipment info. Till then stay tuned.

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